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Citrus County Archers is a non-profit Archery Club, dedicated to promoting the sport and practice of archery for all persons in the Citrus County area; of all ages and abilities. The club strives to promote family and friendship activity, self discipline, competitiveness and fellowship inherent to the sport of field archery.

Citrus County Archers was founded by Mom and Pop Creason in 1978. Today  the club has about 62 memberships, which  includes 14 family and 4 life memberships, and maintains a NFAA Field Achery Range near Dunnellon, Florida. The Citrus County Archers' range is a NFAA Certified 14 target field range. (Two Star). We also  have a 15 target 3-D range. Overall the range is about 65% shaded and we have a  small shaded Picnic and Registration area. We are currently in the process of building an area where we can shoot and Indoor Round, outdoors under the lights. Progress is steady, but really kind of slow.   The Range is available to members, virtually 24-7, and is located on property, belonging to Gerry & Katie Bird. at 6479 W Candier Ct, Dunnellon, Fl 34433.   GO TO RANGE